Digital Marketing Bootcamp


Most customers’ purchase decision journey start online, it’s a channel you can’t mess up.

Good thing is, digital is easy to test and validate.

Bad thing is, it’s not as easy as it looks! Doing it right means understanding the place of each digital touchpoint in the overall journey, digitising off-line touchpoints, and being able to attribute sales to the relevant campaigns and channels.

Many tech founders come to us saying “I’ve tried a LinkedIn campaign: it doesn’t work!” and not knowing what to do next.

So in this workshop, we help you create, test and validate an effective digital strategy that delivers leads!


In this 1-day workshop, we cover all the steps to creating and optimising your digital go-to-market.

1-We start with an overview of the key digital channels and tactics, how they work and how to make the most of them.

We cover SEO, SEM, social (facebook, instagram, linkedin, others), advertising, retargeting, and affiliates. We will show examples and tactics for creating viral loops (customer to customer)

We detail the various options available by channel and how they work. 

2-We go further in building an integrated digital strategy, including your CRM and content strategy for lead nurture, as well as your website structure and content for lead qualification and conversion.

We explain the importance of tagging to attribute sales to the right sources and campaigns and will cover the full-funnel in detail.

3-We will see how to gather customer insights and behaviours, understand where they are in the journey and how to create and target look-alike audiences. 

We quickly go through the martech stack (Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Active Campaign, and others) and show how to integrate with your other data sources to get a single view of the customer.

4-We will show how to establish a test matrix to validate audience / message / channel and compute an ROI as well as a CAC per channel, so as to optimise spend. 

We will help you set up budgets for testing (starting at a few hundred $ of media spend) and scaling up (based on ROI).

We will help you set up a score-card covering digital / campaign / marketing and commercial KPIs.

What’s the point of checking a click-through-rate if you don’t know the impact on revenue?

5-Lastly, we will help you integrate your digital strategy with your broader go-to-market (PR, events, etc) and get traction through growth hacking techniques. 

With this, you’ll have a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t from a digital point of view to improve your go-to-market and increase revenue generation.

We will work through concrete examples from several industries, both B2C and B2B. 

Who is it for

The primary audience for this workshop is early stage entrepreneurs, who have a prototype, maybe even product-market fit, and now need to reach a digital audience cost-effectively.

This workshop will help you save time and money on  your process, as well as get increased confidence your digital strategy is optimised.

This workshop is perfect for CEOs and any team member in charge of growth, revenue or commercial operations, such as CMOs (chief marketing officer), COOs (chief operating officer), CDOs (chief digital officer), CCOs (chief commercial officer) and CROs (chief revenue officer).

The approach works in B2B and B2C, across all types of industry and business model, but we will tailor based upon the specific audience.

In a multi-company audience, we ask each participant to sign an NDA, so we can share freely.

If you wish, we can organise a workshop just for your startup, so we can go in more detail in your specific challenges.

And If you need help after the workshop, we can help you by recommending a martech stack, training your team, setting up your scorecard and benchmarks, creating your campaigns or even working on a retainer for on-going optimisation!

In addition to entrepreneurs, this workshop is also suited to students and marketing teams who want to know more about digital growth platforms.

The details

This workshop takes place at regular dates in both Sydney and Melbourne – please contact us for the next available date.

We are happy to organise the workshop in other cities, attendance allowing.

We give “quantity” discounts when registering several attendants from the same company.

For single-company workshop, we suggest 5-10 team members. We can facilitate at your offices or off-site.

Please contact us for a quote or any question.

For multi-company audience, we limit the attendance to 15 people, preferably in groups of 2-3 people from the same company.

For fees, please refer to the “workshops” main page

We look forward to seeing you there!