A successful strategy is one that is implemented – and this is what we deliver: results, not powerpoint decks.

We’re not trying to sell you a “magic method” but to solve YOUR specific business challenges and help you sleep better at night.

Importantly, we know the start-up world very well: as a mentor to many start-ups (at Stone & Chalk, Muru-D and Startmate), as a “virtual CMO”, as a founder and business owner, as a board director & advisor, and as an angel investor.

Using a data-driven approach, we formulate growth hacking assumptions for rapid testing. In 2-3 weeks, for just a few hundred $ of media spend, you’ll know what works and should focus on: Understand customer journeys, purchase decision triggers and barriers, key channels and touch-points, and more.


Our agile process for growth hacking

We have helped many businesses find their product-market fit, hack B2C and B2B customer acquisition, drive retention and usage through exceptional customer experience, or increase customer lifetime value.

We work at all stages, from strengthening your business model and flywheel, to creating C2C network effects, to building go-to-market strategies, including campaigns automation and optimisation, as well as budgeting and planning. 

How strong is your business model?
Did you create a sustainable fly-wheel?

We are hands-on and pragmatic, with a focus on generating commercial results and efficiency for your business.

Most importantly, we think exponential, not linear!